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Ancient Africa

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Ancient Egypt

Kingdom of Kush

Kingdom of Ghana

Kingdom of Mali

Kingdom of Songhai

Kingdom of Benin

The Most Ancient Race, the San People

Ancient Africa Presentations with Mr. Donn (many!)

Africa 600–1450

African Society and Culture 500 BCE to 1400 CE

Ancient Africa – Egypt, Axum, Kush

Ancient Africa, 1500 BC – 1500 AD

Ancient African Civilizations – Kush, Axum, Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Bantus

Cultures and Kingdoms in Medieval West Africa

Early African Kingdoms and Empires

Empires and Kingdoms of Medieval Africa, 500–1600

Medieval Africa – Ghana and Mali

Medieval Africa – Ghana, Mali and Ethiopia

Medieval Africa – Western African Empires, AD 570–1590

Post-Classical Africa, 650–1450 CE

Societies in Medieval Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa to 1600 CE


African Challenges Today

African Colonialism

African Countries

African Cultures

African Independence

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For Kids

African History & Geography

Ancient Africa Games for Kids


Sahara Desert

Kinship & Common Good

Trans-Sahara Trade Route

Gold for Salt

Sundiata, the Lion King

Mansa Musa

Rise of Islam

The Slave Trade

Ancient & Medieval African Kingdoms







African Arts

African Civilizations

San People

African Stories, Arts, & Festivals

Griots (storytellers)

Anansi the Spider

Fables & Stories

African Proverbs


Sounds (drums, more)

Symbols (mud cloth, more)

African Animals


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Kingdoms of Africa Lesson Plans

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